Tuesday, January 01, 2008


i've always been a fan of movies. when i was in high school, i would spend summers catching the twilight showing of movies at the amc theater for something like 4 bucks a ticket. i loved it. every now and then a movie would come along that i would see in the theater multiple times. for a while i had a crush on sandra bullock and thought she was the best thing ever, so i saw movies like speed 2 several times in the theater just because she was in it. seeing speed 2 more than once proves how much of a die hard fan i was back in those days. i actually remember seeing the first speed with my dad and telling him i liked it so much that i thought it was better than the lion king. to this day, i have a soft spot for her.

one time my cousins were in town and they introduced me to the joy of watching happy gilmore. we laughed so hard at that movie and ben stiller saying, "read the name tag. you're in my world now, grandma."

i think in my junior year i became fascinated with the cheesy horror flick and wasted more hours than was healthy on viewings of i know what you did last summer.

while i was home in tampa over christmas, i saw a movie that i'd been hearing a lot about called juno. the short synopsis is that it's a story about a junior in high school named juno who becomes pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption. while there were a few moments that made me uncomfortable, it was the most fun i'd had at a movie in a long time. line after line had me laughing out loud. i read a lot about movies and i so appreciated that the laughs mostly came from clever dialogue. and for all of the sarcastic one liners, it had a lot of heart and sincerity.

on sunday, my roommate and i checked out the kite runner, a faithful adaption of one of my favorite books. it tells a pretty heavy story and we felt like we needed a pick-me-up after watching it. my roommate thought juno looked funny and i thought i could handle seeing it again, so we headed back out after a quick bite to eat at home. what i didn't expect was to like the movie even more after seeing it the second time. even tonight lines from the movie ran through my head and before i knew it i was laughing to myself. i'm a big fan of sarcasm, and i felt like this movie had plenty of it to go around.

below is a video of two of the guys in the movie that shows a quick clip with one of my favorite moments between juno and the father of her child, paulie bleeker. it's nothing fancy, but simple and funny...to me at least.