Wednesday, March 28, 2007

slacker blogger

Tonight I ran into my friend Kelly at the gym and blogging came up in our conversation. I have been a slacker blogger. Things have been busy, but I've also still made time for relaxing and attempting to take better care of myself (hence the gym trip and ordering fruit cups instead of waffle fries at Chick-fil-A).

Not only are we still working on the cookies that Dan purchased (see last blog), but just a lot of life has been going on.

In no particular order, here are some of the things that have been going on (pics available for some):

1.) I joined Facebook. It's cool.

2.) My friends Amy and Russ got me a Chick-fil-A travel mug that gets me unlimited free refills at the Waterford location. Amazing.

3.) Evie turned 2 and got this sweet cup.

4.) Ryan and Jenny became a dad and mom to Hannah Elise. Hannah is already looking forward to turning 2 and getting a cool Evie cup.

5.) I lost one of my favorite Circle F'ers, Heath.

He was a counselor that worked for 2 summers and I adored him. He was such a solid guy. I really don't get why he's gone and it still makes me sad, but I am seeing God work in it. Despite the sadness of it all, it was so good and inspiring to gather with camp people and mourn together. And my family and friends have been incredibly supportive.

6.) I finally left the 80s behind and purchased new furniture. Loving the papasan.

7.) Connor (how great is this kid?!) and I made dinner for a family in our church yesterday. Thanks for the recipe, Anna!

8.) I am no longer the Assistant Director at Circle F. This is taking a little bit more to get used to than I thought it would, especially in light of Heath. I'm still working part-time, but Roger has come to take over and he's doing awesome.

9.) I had green beer on St. Patrick's Day and hung out at a piano bar. Good times.

Have something to share? If you read this, hope you are doing well.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Tonight when my roommate Dan came home I heard the familiar noise of plastic grocery bags swishing around as he opened the door. Traditionally Dan returns from grocery shopping with an arsenal of Marie Callender's microwave meals. Tonight, though, he proudly carried the following items from Publix:

Looks like my cookie addiction is nothing compared to Dan's.