Monday, August 11, 2008

circle f flashback

today i got to visit friends at circle f. although i don't work there anymore, i love to visit when i get a chance. i was particularly excited to go today since i knew a lot of the counselors this summer back when they were campers. it's crazy to me to look at pictures from almost ten years ago and then today...

me with Jordan, one of the guys in my first cabin, in 1999

me with Jordan today , who is now a sophomore in college

me with Logan, in 2001

me with Logan today...could i look any smaller???

Afton, me, Cecily and Ashley in 2002

me and Afton today

me and Cecily today

me with Austin in 2002

me with Austin today, as he prepares to be a freshman in high school

Jake on my shoulders, with Drew in 2003

me and Jake today

i feel so fortunate and blessed that i've gotten to be a part of something so cool, and that i have so many lasting relationships because of it.